Finding out what makes your organisation sing. Or not.

If you want to discover if you are equipped to promote your organisation and raise your profile, we can conduct a communications audit, examining how well you convey your message both to insiders and to the rest of the world.

For example, we were commissioned by one national body to investigate its communications and to recommend improvements. We interviewed key figures throughout the organisation, from top executive and board level to press officers, telephonists and printers. Our inquiries revealed that communication of important messages was being undermined by outdated procedures, poor calibre staff in key positions, lack of training and a structure that had not adapted to suit new demands.

As a result, the organisation was missing opportunities to engage with its membership; it was weakening the impact of its campaigns; and driving the media into the arms of the competition.

We recommended many changes. Our report was dissected at various meetings with senior figures in the organisation at which we were required to explain and enlarge upon our proposals. It was then accepted in full; within six months, most of our proposals had been successfully implemented.

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